time to start sewing again!

I love to sew.  It brings me a lot of satisfaction to create and then use the things I make.  Not to mention I get to save a lot of money!

I'm not sure, but I think my great grandfather or some distance relative was a tailor.  My grandma loved to sew and crochet too.  I'm thankful I have a little bit of natural talent in the gene pool.

I go through various phases of what I enjoy making.  Recently I've been into backpacking items.  My husband and I are trying to lighten our gear for hammock camping.  I'm pretty sure I hate hammock camping due to the fact I haven't actually fallen asleep in a hammock yet!  I'm a side sleeper and these things are great for back sleepers.  But I will keep trying and perhaps take a little Tylenol PM to help me out!  

Here are some photos of a purchased backpacking hammock hung in our back yard.  I made the underquilt out of Momentum 90 fabric and down.  It's very warm and should be nice until summer gets here.  These underquilts keep the bum warm!  

I also made a sleeping quilt, which you can see in the second picture.  I love the size and weight of it, but it's like sleeping with a plastic bag on me so I'm ordering new material, Momentum 90, to make new ones for me and my husband. 


I almost look comfortable, but I'm not!!

Last night we made a bug net to hang over the quilt.  We live in Minnesota and our state bird is the mosquito (besides the loon).  Come the end of May I dig out my bug spray.  You should see my selection!  My favorite is the kind that feels like powder, but don't expect that kind to work when you go camping!  Anyway, I digress, the bug net is essential to get a good night's sleep.  There's nothing like the sound of buzzing mosquitoes by my ear when I'm trying to sleep.  It's like torture.  I keep thinking it's trying to lay some eggs in my ear!  I'll post pictures of the bug net if it works out.  :) 

It's finally sunny here, probably not warm, so we can hang our hammock.  It's April and the forecast for the next few days (after today) is cold, rain, snow and wind.  Where's the crying emoticon....I need it!!  Minnesota weather makes me tough....Minnesota weather makes me tough.......


  1. LOL LOve it!!! We had snow this morning. Gotta love the mid-west!!

  2. That's the coolest thing I've ever seen! You're pretty cute too.


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