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Shaker Cocoon Shrug Crochet Pattern

I'm curious if any of my soaper audience crochets or knits?  I tend to focus on one thing at a time.  Sometimes it's making soaps, sometimes lotions or lip balms, but right now it's crocheting.

I thought I would share my latest creation with you in case there are any crocheters out there.  It's called a cocoon shrug.  It's like a cardigan, but simpler.

Ever since I first learned about cocoon shrugs, I've been fascinated by them.  The concept is so simple!  It's just a rectangle folded in half with the side seams sewn up part way leaving gaps for the arm holes.  The design possibilities are endless.

I've made a few so far and I love them all.  I love this last one I made because it's perfect for the crisp, spring weather we're getting.  It's also great for wearing around the house.  It's like wrapping a blanket around you!  I like the longer length of this one because it goes over the bum and keeps a slim profile.  The weight of the yar…

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