Raspberry Lemonade Soap All Wrapped Up

I pretty much mangled these soaps, but did have a bit of fun wrapping them up.  These will still shrink, but I wanted to get an idea of how easy they would be to wrap.  Ideally if I cut the soaps the same size I would be able to have papers precut to make it easier.

I think I like the 3rd soap the best.  I still need to add some labels.

This was definitely an experience!


  1. i think your new concept is wonderful! the color is stunning and i love your packaging!

    having experienced your lovely soapies first hand, i know this will be an instant hit!

    it won't take you long to get the bugs worked out!

  2. Thanks heartsong! I'm really liking the vertical soap right now and it's so nice to have straight edges!

  3. I really like the wrapped look, especially the pink & green ..


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