I'm going vertical!

I love making my own stuff.  If I see something and feel like I can make it, I want to make it!  It's usually cheaper and the satisfaction I get from making something is amazing.  I can look at something and say "I made that!"

I've made a couple of soap molds for myself and really like them.  However, I've been craving a slight change in the shape of my soaps, or I should say orientation of the my soaps.  I decided that I wanted to try to make some vertical soaps so that my edges are straight.  I'm going vertical!

I had some dimensions in mind and set off to the hardware store to see what kind of wood I could buy.  Lucky for me there was some aspen wood that would give me the dimensions I needed.  The wood is not as thick as wood I'd normally use, but this is a test mold so I will try anything.  I don't have any fancy wood shop saws or tools (wish I did), but I can at least cut wood with my good old mitre box and saw. It just takes a little bit of muscle.  LOL!

Here are my wood pieces cut out.  I cut one too long and had to waste some wood to cut another piece.  That bummed me out, but I moved on.  I can always use it as a lid....I meant to do that!

Next I decided just to glue everything together instead of nailing them together.  Why?  Because that's usually where I screw everything up!  The nail goes crooked or the wood moves.  Ideally I would drill some pilot holes, but I think it's going to hold together just fine.  All it needs to do is hold soap, not my body weight or anything!  I also decided to line it with fun foam to get my final soap dimensions how I want them.

Inside dimensions are 2 7/16" x 3 1/2" x 5 9/16" and I should get 5 bars of soap out of this.  A friend also recommended drilling some 1/4" holes in the bottom of the mold (under the foam) to release any vacuum while removing the soap.  I plan on doing that today too.

My goal today is to finally use this mold!  I had to wait for some oils to get here, but I really need to see how I like it.  Now the hard part is what recipe to use and what fragrance!


  1. can't hardly wait to see all the lovely new soaps you'll be making in your clever new mold!


  2. Great job Patti!

    I keep meaning to knock myself up a mold or two but eh, I'm lazy :P

  3. I wish I would've made it so a side or two comes off, but this was so cheap to make that I can make another one!


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