digging in my soap box for inspiration

After two failed soaps this week I decided to go back to simple.  That's how I started.  Just simple soaps with fluffy tops.  That meant I needed to go digging in my soap box for the first real mold I ever purchased.  It's a simple wood mold to make a one pound batch of soap.  I use 15 oz of oils to be precise!  I missed my little mold!  I missed using wood and I missed my little liners I had in it so that I never had to the line the mold either.  In my soap box I also found a bunch of old recipes.  I'm assuming I wanted to keep them, which is why they were in my time machine soap box.  I decided to make a simple four oil soap with pomace olive oil, organic palm oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter.  It always performs well for me and I can't believe I forgot about it.  Well, I can believe I forgot about it since I'm always experimenting.

I really wanted to make a pink soap so I chose to scent it with Ruby Red Grapefruit fragrance oil from Nature's Garden and a dash of Energy from Brambleberry.  What a great grapefruit fragrance.  I hope it smells just as good after cure.

The soap making process went beautifully and it was so nice to have something not seize on me and I wasn't in a rush either.  The soap was like pudding.  I'll have to use this recipe again.

Here's what it looked like in the mold.  I love the pink and the glitter.

Here it is the next day after I cut it.  It unmolded like a dream.  I used 1% sodium lactate and that was perfect.

It was difficult to capture the pink with my camera.  I had to use a "loud" piece of scrapbook paper, but it seemed to do the trick.  It smells so yummy and all grapefruity.  I lathered up a small piece and it's silky, creamy, and luxurious.  Time to wait!  I see more of these simple soaps in my future.   Happy soaping!


  1. Going back to basics is a great idea to get back into the groove of things. Your soap certainly doesn't look basic, it's beautiful with such bold colours and I wish we could smell your soap through the computer.

  2. Going back to the basics can always be so fun and beneficial. That is exactly what we have been doing at Bramble Berry. So glad to hear you used Bramble Berry’s Energy fragrance =) I just did two recipes with it today. It’s so well behaved.

    1. I just saw your posts about going back to basics. I agree that it can be so fun and beneficial. Sometimes we can go on tangents and it's nice to go back to the beginning and maybe start new ones from there! I love Energy fragrance. It's a staple in my soaping supplies and behaves well. I totally forgot to reorder more on my last order!

  3. That is a gorgeous pink, and I love the tops! I know what you mean about going back to basics. I did the same a while back after having a couple of batches not go well. It's so soothing to make something that allows you to just relax and enjoy the process.

  4. I love this! I am brand new to soapmaking so I'm just starting in "the basics"! This is so fun to see. I am hoping to make some similar to this in orange (for thanksgiving) with a new soap mold I got from http://www.bulkapothecary.com/categories/soap-making-supplies.html do you think a method like this would work in a soap mold?


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