Sorry shaving lotion, not this time!

Awhile ago I posted about some shaving lotion I made (see post here). I had high hopes for it, but it definitely needs more tweaking.

I tried it first in the tub to shave my legs. It was very thin and if any water got on it, it would wash right off. I tried it many more times and even got a super close shave on my shins. So much I think I took some skin off and got some ingrown hairs. Kind of painful and not very attractive! Of course it could've been my horrible razor I was using, but in any case the shaving lotion should protect my skin no matter what.

Then I had hubby try it once. He did not like it at all. He said he felt like he was slathering on something very oily. I watched him shave and saw his razor was catching a little. He managed to finish, but he won't be trying it again.

On a side note, it does make a great facial cleansing lotion since it rinses off so well! At least I will keep it for that.

I think the main issue is the emulsifier that I used. I used generic ewax, but I think it would work a little better with BTMS or BTMS-50. I tend to use my own homemade conditioner for shaving because the BTMS seems to cling to my skin more (it does resist rinse off so that makes sense). It's great for the armpits, which I consider extremely delicate!

If I ever get my act together I will try another batch with BTMS and put some shea butter in there too or cocoa butter. Something more occlusive. In the meantime it's back to soap and real shaving cream!


  1. I think whenever you start working on a new product it takes at least 3 or 4, or 10 or 12 batches to tweak it just right ..

    Sucks to waste the ingredients, but it helps teach us about them and hopefully how they may be combined or put to use in the next project ;)

    I had my first play with BTMS yesterday *happy dance* OMG, best intensive hair conditioner I've ever made!

  2. I can't even make a decent batch of soap lately! LOL! I do learn a lot from the bad batches, but I hate wasting ingredients too.

    BTMS is the bomb! So glad you finally got to play with some.

  3. Thank you for the tip about BTMS and I am glad you are able to use the lotion for something still so it isn't wasted :)


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