oatmeal milk & honey soap

It seems like I haven't made soap in a long time!  Surprisingly I haven't gone through soaping withdrawal.  But today I had the urge and wanted to make an oatmeal, milk and honey soap.

I have to admit I'm not very good with milk soaps, honey soaps, or soaps with oatmeal in them.  So I decided to make a soap with all three ingredients!  I also wanted to give my homemade mold one more chance.  I modified it a bit to glue in some foam, lined with freezer paper, and then sprayed some silicone mold release spray on one part of exposed foam.  I'm wondering if I will still get that weird pattern on my soap.

For the oatmeal part I ground up some oatmeal in my coffee bean grinder and added 2 tsp of that per pound of oils. Then I added 1 tsp colloidal oatmeal.  I'm hoping this won't be scratchy.  I'm kind of sensitive to scratchy soap.  Some people know just the perfect amount to put in, but I don't!

I also had some canned goat milk on hand so I added some of that at trace to equal half of my water value.  Since it's concentrated I added an ounce at trace and used 3 ounces of water for my 1 lb batch.  This was my first time trying that and it was easy!  I normally make goat milk ice cubes.

The first photo is prior to gelling, the second one is during gel phase, and the third one is after gelling.  I almost overheated it, but I think I saved it.  It might've lost a bit of fluffiness on top however.  I usually gel my soaps, even ones with milk and honey.  I like the darker look.  It should lighten up after it cools down.  It's amazing what a big difference gelling makes. 

Stayed tuned for cut photos in a day or two!


  1. My favorite kind of soap! And beautiful photography as well!

  2. Gorgeous in the mould ~ looks good enough to eat! :)

  3. Thanks Tanya! The smell is very yummy!


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