it's really almond, milk & honey!

Here's the cut pic of my latest soap.  I had a few issues...overheating, too much honey, stearic spots, partial gel on the end.....Nobody's perfect right?  But you just can't beat that comforting smell.  Yum!

The good news is that I tried a piece and the oatmeal is barely there and not scratchy at all.  I think next time I will use less honey and maybe go very big on the oatmeal pieces. 

All of my soaping stuff is put away.  I'm working on some sewing projects and those will keep me busy for days!

Happy Soaping!


  1. It looks absolutely yummy--like caramel! I love the shape of your bars, too.

  2. BEAUTIFUL colour. Wow. I would love to get a rich deep honey colour with my honey soap. xo Jen


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