Soap Challenge Week 6 - Faux Funnel Swirl

I finally got a chance to do Amy's Soap Challenge!  This week it was a faux funnel swirl.  I have done a funnel swirl before (probably almost three years ago) and then a few faux funnel swirls after that.  I think they are fun to do and lots of fun to see them when I'm cutting the soap.

I had a few challenges this time and I'm going to blame it all on me playing with my soap recipe.  I have since tossed this soap recipe!  My first attempt was a white, pink and blue funnel swirl scented with lavender martini. I even put in some greek yogurt for silkiness.  As soon as this soap hit gel it promptly overheated and turned into soup.  It was bad.  So, I decided to try again and this time I did a video of it.  I made my own blend of lavender martini and fruit slices fragrance oils with yellow (rainbow yellow mica), pink (neon pink from NG) and orange (rainbow orange mica) for the colors.  The smell was wonderful and I was hoping it would turn out.  The citrus scent of the fruit slices compliments the citrus part of lavender martini.  My husband said it smelled like candy.  Unfortunately, it also seemed to overheat and when I cut it the next day the middle was oozing liquid.  I managed to take a few photos of it to show the swirl, but in some soaps the middle is grainy.  Boo hoo.  If I were to do this again I will stick with my main recipe and skip the yogurt just in case.


  1. I love the soft pastels--they're so pretty! Lavender martini sounds intriguing.

    1. Thank you! I wanted the colors a little darker, but I'm not used to working with these colors. I really like lavender martini more as a blender or as an FO to test designs. It's very well behaved and sweet.

  2. How cool! Even if the colors aren't as bright as you hoped, they still look great! Sorry you were having overheating issues, but I think you made the right decision to kick that recipe to the curb! The fragrance sounds really nice too - wishing once again I could smell through my screen!!

  3. I like the colours, and the soap turned out so elegant!

  4. Just love the pastel colours and fragrance sounds so different, love it, x Linda

  5. Dang for the grainy centre, but yay for creating your own fragrance blend and trying a new technique!


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