Black Raspberry Vanilla Soap

I finally made some soap!  I made a mold awhile ago and modified it a little bit the other day so I could use it again.  Well, the mold sucks, but the soap came out okay.  Needless to say a Christmas gift to myself will be a new wood mold from Brambleberry (along with some oils and fragrances of course)!

The fragrance is a blend of Black Raspberry Vanilla and Macintosh Apple.  The soap has natural cocoa butter so the chocolaty smell of that comes through too.  The line is cocoa powder and it's so fun to use.  I had a few issues with my mold so that messed with my line a bit, but for not soaping for awhile I think I did pretty good!

Here are some photos as well as my videos.  Thanks for looking!


  1. I love the bright pink with the dark line for contrast--nope, you definitely haven't lost your touch!

  2. Gorgeous soap ~ that line is awesome!!!

  3. So glad to see you back!! And what a beautiful soap too!!

  4. Lovely soap!
    May I ask where you sell your products?

  5. @lynda...Thank you! Well, I don't sell my products yet :( but I will let you know when I do!

  6. Your soaps are incredible.... bright funny colours! I'm trying since last december but with pink oyde it becames green or yellow, the olive colour. So I've tryed with a little bit of titanium bioxide. It's not enough. Wha's your secret?

    1. This post was so long ago that I don't remember what I used for the pink. One way to get a good pink is to use neon powders in your soap. I don't remember what I used because the names keep changing, but WSP carries a bunch of neon pinks. You don't have to use titanium dioxide either unless you want a pale pink.


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